Essentials to Choose the Best Golf Clubs for You

Essentials to Choose the Best Golf Clubs for You

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, choosing the best golf clubs is crucial. The right clubs for you will change the way you play and can dramatically reduce your handicap. However, when you’re looking at golf clubs for sale, it can be a little challenging to choose the right ones. So, here we’ve compiled a list of essentials that you will need to consider before making your purchase.

Take Some Time

The sheer volume of golf clubs for sale can be enough to confuse even the most experienced golf pro. Depending on your budget and ability, buying new clubs can be a significant investment, so it is crucial to take some time and do your research. Don’t rely on the brands that you see your favourite professional using, as manufacturers target different players as the technology advances.

From your gender and body type to your ability and physical conditions, you need to focus on golf clubs that will meet your requirements rather than the brand name.

Grip Thickness

The grip thickness can have a massive impact on your swing. Cheap golf clubs tend to have a very thin grip that can create large hand actions into your swing. However, a grip that is too thick can also have a negative impact. The right grip should allow you to hold the club with your left hand middle and ring fingers with minimal touching of your thumb. If your thumb can’t touch your finger, the grip is too big.

The Club Shaft

While it may be obvious, the correct shaft length is fundamental. You will need to check your body type, height, and strength to choose the right length. Generally, taller payers need longer clubs, but the flex will also affect your swing. If the shaft is overly stiff, you will lose distance and have a lower ball flight, while a soft shaft will cause ballooning.


This is a vital measurement and refers to the angle that is formed by a line that runs down the shaft and the club face. This is measured in degrees, and a low loft will create further distances than higher lofts. You can assess loft by the angle of the club face and how the top of the face is angled from the shaft. A clubface that has a higher loft will look more horizontally angled.


If you want to create a great golf bags, it is a good idea to have different sized clubheads. Many brands offer a standard, midsize, and oversized head, but your choice of clubhead will depend on your level of experience. Generally, larger clubheads provide more forgiveness in your swing. This means that you can still achieve a good result with a poor head, but they are heavier and harder to control.

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