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5 Energy Conservation Strategies Sports Centers Should Consider

5 Energy Conservation Strategies Sports Centers Should Consider

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A lot of people are very careful not to waste resources but they forget that energy is also a resource that shouldn’t be wasted or sometimes, things just get out of hand.

Sporting takes a lot of energy and its centers, can’t afford to lose more than they use.

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We’ve put together five energy conservation strategies that should be considered by sports centers.

1.     Turning off appliances and lights that are not in use:

Light indeed makes a place look beautiful but when that light is not in use, it should be turned off. This helps to preserve the bulb and it saves energy and money. Also when sporting appliances like the ones used in the gymnasium and the likes are not in use, it is advisable to put them off as it not only saves energy, it prolongs their life.

2.     Use LED lights or solar lighting:

The importance of LED lighting can not be overemphasized. Apart from the fact that they last long, they produce less carbon which equals less harm to our world. Studies show too that LED lights use about fifty per cent less electricity than the traditional bulb does. Solar lighting is also very good as it takes its power from the Sun which is a natural free gift to us.

3.     Clean air filters:

The kind of air we take in is very important to our body and we can tell that taking in dust can leave us with cold and catarrh. Our air conditioning system does good jobs in filtering and refining the air we take in, but what happens when the filter gets huddled with dust and dirt? It takes even more energy then, to filter the air. We advise that you clean or replace air filters as it helps in conserving energy.

4.     Use energy efficient appliances:

These appliances are usually more expensive than the normal ones, but they help to save your energy. That is, their operating costs are usually lower. Purchase appliances that have the energy star label on them, this differs from appliances to appliances. Why not get a blower door in some places in your complex instead of the normal doors.

5.     Close doors, install energy audits:

Closing doors like doors of a room with air conditioning, can help save some energy too. It is also important to fix an energy audit in your sport complex as this helps to examine the building and tell you what uses more energy. You can consult energy experts on what steps to carry out next.

Final Notes

Energy Conservation strategies are not only ways to save your energy and improve the life of your appliances, they are also ways to reduce your bills. Without energy conservation, the natural resources would be depleted at a larger amount which if not taken into consideration, will affect us in years to come.… Read More..